Welcome to the SATIN toolkit for app development without programming!

SATIN is a prototype toolkit for development of mobile services. It makes it possible to easily create your own app, even without prior experience of programming. You design web applications using a graphical interface and get started in minutes. Now everybody can be an app developer!

We believe SATIN to be interesting for many purposes:

  • Creating early prototypes
  • Creating mobile services for the family, friends or workplace
  • Creating “Smart City” services through IoT sensors and Open Data
  • Attracting a broader group of people to creating apps
  • Providing a platform for crowd-based service innovation 

The SATIN team is open to future co-operation, and are looking for partners interested in:

  • App Graphical User Interface
  • Component-based design
  • API:s and protocols for IoT, Big Data, Open Data
  • Inclusive Design
  • Developers creating HTML5 components

Try it out yourself, simply drag and drop!

Note: Chrome, Firefox and Safari supported.